New Day – new mindset – new luck – new motivation

Today is Monday the 20th of March, 2017. This is a special day!

It is the day of the equinox = start of spring! Today the day has the same length as the night and from now on the days start getting longer again (more daylight). And I don’t know if I already told you –> it is the start of spring (yaaay).

Everything is waking up from the sleep during winter: animals, plants and (yes) humans as well. We can all feel our cells slowly starting to move to the rhythm of nature again. Like the young plants that are peeking out of the ground trying to receive some sunlight. All of us are feeling the change in the energy – we are more eager to go outside, the sun is shining, we start preparing our garden and our closet for the warmer season, maybe even cleaning our house for spring.

I personally cannot wait for warmer weather and lighter clothes. This also means lighter hearts and friendlier faces, more smiles and more time outside of your house! I am so looking forward to spring and summer. I am a “summer person” – probably also because I am born in summer, who knows :). I love sunshine, warmth, swimming, spending all day outside at the lake, the beach, in the mountains… Even when I start thinking about it, I get excited <3.

When I am out in nature, all my sorrows and doubts seem to be blown away. I feel the connection to everything and therefore my ‚problems’ suddenly feel so small and not important at all. What matters is something totally different. Actually, all we really ‚need’ to do is nothing… but to ‘be’… no strings attached. What did we do in earlier times, when there was no industrialization, no houses, no cars, no business? We spent all our time in nature, gathering or hunting food and preparing it. Therefore, our thoughts and worries were also limited to how to get food and shelter. Wasn’t this time so much easier? Of course, the other side of the coin was that when all focused on this basic needs the question I ask myself is, where we consciously more or less evolved? Most people would probably say less, when considering Maslow’s pyramid. Anyhow, I think we must have been more connected to nature and the universe, which for me means a higher state of consciousness. Maybe we knew way more at that times and then forgot everything again. Now we try to remember what we have once known (sorry for getting diverted here).

Another special thing about today is, that I finally took my decision of what to do now after the ‘visa-disaster’. I decided that I will stay in Austria. In my opinion, it was/is not meant for me to go to India again right now. I will go back at some point for sure, maybe even in November to do my next training, but for now I will stay here. I have a lot of plans already what to do right now anyways. I am realizing my dream of finally starting to teach Yoga. I just have to find a location where to teach and then put it online to get people to join. So please, if you are interested, take this as an invitation/calling to join me. Furthermore, I want to start writing my master’s thesis, help out in the animal shelter again and start some more amazing projects hopefully. I am highly motivated to get some action going and bring some great ideas forward. For all the motivated people out there – feel free to contact me and join in some of these projects. I have the feeling that 2017 will be a very special year with lots of learning and growing (out of the comfort zone) involved. Be ready for some action!

Namaste & so much love,



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