Why I’m back in Austria after just one day…

No, I am not in India at the moment.Well guys, I thought I’d surprise you and come back to Vienna instead of going to India like planned. Who cares about plans right? Puh, of course I didnt do this on purpose!

If I have learnt something out of this crazy day&night in Istanbul rather than on my flight to Mumbai, it is that you should always check your Visa multiple times before booking a flight anywhere or even going there! Please do that! As you have maybe guessed – I did not check my Visa and therefore I could not enter India…

It turns out my Visa was only a “single-entry” Visa. So although it is valid until the 13th of June, I can’t enter the country anymore. Now I know all of this and am able to warn you to not do the same mistake. I found out in Istanbul, when I wanted to board the plane to Mumbai. There it was a little late to safe the situation, so I had to just relax and enter Turkey to pick up my luggage. The next step was to buy my flight back home to Vienna, and staying the night at an airport hotel.

To make it even more thrilling after my quite uneventful flight back home, the police was awaiting to ‘talk’ to me at the passport control for entering Austria again.

It seems like the court is searching for me since october 2015. In german this is called ‘Personenfahndung’ / searching for a person. I’ll tell you why in a minute…

Now, if I don’t go to court the judge can set up a ‘Haftbefehl’ / order to arrest me. How much I love bureaucracy. I was waiting in the police office with a turkish journalist living in Vienna and he kept calling me ‘gefährliche Frau’/ dangerous women. At one point I even started believing him. Maybe I am dangerous after all? These two days where definitely not short of surprises!

At least now I am free and back home again^^. I will definitely go to court and try to sort this crazy delict out first. To tell you about it shortly. It is called ‘Betrug’ and has to do with a daily deal voucher at a massage place (sounds funny and is funny). My mum bought several vouchers (I think two or three) in fall 2015. Which we then started to use at this interesting massage place. It turned out the owner insisted that I used a voucher my mum had already used before. She was other opinion and they wrote several mails in one and the other direction. I don’t even exactly know what happened because I was studying in Vancouver at that time. Well in the end I guess he filed a complaint at the court and it wasnt resolved properly… Although I can recall my mum paying him anyways after all. The amount was something like 50 €^^.

So my tipp here – always make sure yourself things are sorted out properly!

I’m not sure, what I’ll do next but will keep you posted as soon as I do…

Namaste and so much love,


–> Yoga really helps staying calm and not freaking out in such situations^^


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