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An update to my vegan-challenge 03/2017

One week ago I started my second vegan-challenge and because I promised regular updates – here is the first one. 

I am definitely very happy and glad about the decision to do this challenge! Finally there are no more excuses and I am strictly eating vegan with hardly any carbs or sugar (if sugar then only non-processed, as in fruits) in my diet. Although, I just recently started this change in my diet, I can already feel the difference. My body feels lighter (YES, definitely agood way to loose some kilos) and I feel better/more comfortable in my skin. Another thing I really appreciate is, that I am finding back to an eating routine again – having regular meals and knowing what I want to eat. This was always quite challenging for me. At the moment I am eating mainly vegetables (salads, soup, steamed, plain and raw…) and chickpeas (hummus), beans, lentis. Sometimes I also eat fruit or nuts as a treat or snack in between meals because it is easy and quick. Instead of my coffee I drink matcha or chai tea with soy/almond/rice or coconut milk. 

One more thing I have to mention is my emotional condition, as this gets better and better with the change in my nutrition. I don’t have these extreme ups and downs anymore but am making my way to a more balanced situation. I feel more determined and motivated to pursue my future vision/dream of being the best version of myself as a yoga teacher in order to create more positivity and love in this world. At the moment I am brainstorming a lot regarding my future business life, letting my creativity go wild, reading books about this topic and finding out how other people got successful with their business ideas. I try not to make to many plans but rather focus on my vision of what I want to give to/create for this world. As we know from meditation, you shouldn’t be to much in the future with your mind, but in order to create something it is necessary to sit down for a few hours each day and work on how to go about. In order to make big things happen, one needs to work hard and persistent on his ideas.

That is my mission at the moment! Along with the quote by Mahatma Ghandi:

„Be the change you want to see in this world!”

Therefore I am trying to live my life in the best possible way for myself. By eating clean and healthy – preferably organic and locally grown, keeping myself fit by doing my yoga practice every day (#yogaeverydamnday) at least once, being creative (writing my blog and my diary or just brainstorming random things, listening to music/singing to it, dancing…), meditating every day, reading inspring books or watching videos/films that I can learn from, following inspirational people on social media and most importantly: having fun/being happy/embracing life!!

As you can see the vegan-challenge did not only bring about a change in my diet but more important a huge shift in my perception and mind-set. Now, I feel fully myself again. I am standing up to taking responsibility of being the best version of myself, taking charge and bringing light and love into the world. I am finally ready to give back rather than just taking from the world, its wonderful resources and inhabitants. I am waking up to my yoga practise early every day, seeing the beauty of life and embracing it. Every day is a fresh start and needs your full attention, determination, motivation, love and light.

Get up and give your best every day and you will see how everything starts flowing and alligning for you! Do not forget to enjoy and have fun with everything you do.

Namaste & so much love,



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