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My vegan-challenge 03/2017

I have been thinking about doing another vegan-challenge for quite a while…

And I have been eating “almost” vegan most of the time. But exactly this word “almost” is bugging me a lot lately. I want to believe to be a person that is doing things either full on or not! Otherwise you can never know, how the full effects will feel. To be able to receive and perceive the full benefits of any way of living or eating, exercise routine, learning experience etc., you have to try doing this ‘thing’ fully will 100% commitment and perseverance. I have seen and felt this phenomenon many times.

My last perfect example is the Yoga Teacher Training that I completed in the beginning of February. There we did our 90 minute Ashtanga practice 6 days a week for 30 days. And I can tell you – the results are absolutely amazing. Before this experience, I used to believe you need to rest at least every second or third day of your training. For this reason I could never experience the benefits of an everyday practice. What I know now for sure: if you practice ‘anything’ every day, it pays of immensely and your learning curve will increase drastically. This makes so much sense, if you think about your body that is able to remember the movement and your muscles that are able to build strength and develop accordingly. I am absolutely amazed with this new perspective, as I never wanted to have a break from doing Yoga anyways. I just love it too much –> #Yogaeverydamnday 🙂 !! This is also the reason why I know it is my absolute passion.

I had a similar experience in the year 2014, with going fully vegan for 40 days (without any excuse). This was the time, when I felt my energy levels rising and my body becoming lighter and lighter. During the challenge I was studying for the entry exam of my masters degree and I almost never got tired from it, although I was studying approximately 9-10 hours a day for three weeks straight. Clean eating goes amazingly well with studying – I can only recommend it! I never again felt as connected to my bodies physical needs. Moreover, I felt really clean and healthy throughout and after the challenge. It was like reseting my whole system.

Therefore, I have a highly positive memory of this experience and want to see what it feels like doing it again. Furthermore, I am curious about the difference of a more aware and reflective approach and the combination with yoga and other exercise. I want to be even more sensitive to my bodies and ‘souls’ needs. For example, regarding emotions coming up and how to handle them, if not with food (see former post: Why emotional management through food is probably not the best idea…). Another benefit of this is that I can combine my plan of not having sugar with my this challenge (see former post: Sugar & me: a love/hate relationship)! Here I will only modify it a little bit – I will not have any artificial or processed sugar. The substitute will be fruit sugar, which I want to keep down too.

What does the vegan-challenge mean?

It means only eating freshly prepared vegan meals. This means no fast food, no artificial ingredients e.g. processed sugar, preservatives, no meat or fish and no dairy products. I will also try not to eat any ‘white’ carbohydrates as for example wheat noodles, white rice or white/wheat bread. Possible alternative would be whole wheat, spelt or buckwheat products and many more.

Nowadays it is as simple as never to try out being vegan. Therefore, if you are curious –> join me :)! And don’t hesitate to aks me about more details regarding the challenge.

Namaste & so much love,



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