What is Meditation for me?

I just arrived home from a beautiful meditation session in a center called “Meditas” in the first district of Vienna. I went there with my best friend, who suggested it already a while ago and tonight we finally made it there. It was a simple and yet deep experience which touched my heart. During the last six month, after starting to meditate quite regularly and therefore going deeper into it, I’ve had so many of these amazing impressions that I felt like telling you about the miracle of meditation. After reading more about it, you will hopefully get interested and try it out. I can highly recommend it!

My (his)story with meditation:

I found out about it before even finding out about Yoga. Nevertheless, I didn’t really get into it before coming back to Vienna to continue my studies after my exchange term in Vancouver. At this time I signed up for an active meditation course from the sports department of the universities in Vienna. Where we did dancing, walking, chakra, Kundalini meditation and so forth. This was my first encounter with active mediation, which totally revolutionized my point of view. Beforehand, I had always seen meditating as sitting in silence without moving. Now I knew there was way more to it and therefore it suddenly got more interesting for me. With this course, I started trying out my own meditations at home. Then, during my time in Cusco at Healing House, we did regular group meditations, which I enjoyed very much and I started meditating by myself even more. During the Yoga Teacher Training, we had many group meditations again and due to the Yoga practise the meditation got deeper for me.

After doing the Training in Goa, I went to “the Osho Meditation Center” in Pune (India). This is the place where Osho spent the last years of his life and created a place for people to experience his proposed way of meditation also after his death. There my understanding of meditation was brought to another level. Moreover, my perception of what meditation is, was clarified and I am now able to explain it better. Therefore, I wanted to share some of my gathered knowledge with you, to give you a better picture of this abstract term. I am using the book “The first and last freedom” about meditation by Osho as reference. First, I want to point out, that there is no correct or false definition of meditation. It may be something totally different for you than for me. Moreover, you do not have to keep reading or agree with my thoughts on it. I just propose this explanation to you.

There is a huge amount of meditation techniques out there. Some of them are:

  • Vipassana meditation, which is one of the many approaches to silent meditation,
  • there is Osho’s method of active meditation, which I will explain to you in the next blog post,
  • in the practice of Yoga meditation is also a vital part – actually Yoga is supposed to prepare the body for meditation,
  • in many religions e.g. Buddhism, you will find meditation as part of it etc.

It is a very old technique, which has been practiced in Nepal and India long before Christ (b.c.) and has probably just not made its way into the western countries until now.

If you type meditation into Google, nowadays our main source of knowledge, then of course Wikipedia wants to share its wisdom with us and says:

“Meditation is a practice where an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit or for the mind to simply acknowledge its content without becoming identified with that content, or as an end in itself.”

And in Osho’s book “The first and last freedom” it is explained in the following manner:

Meditation is the essence about being present and awake rather than walking around half asleep for half the waking hours of our life. Research shows that we spend this much time in such ‚absent’ spaces. Meaning being somewhere e.g. at a table with your friends but letting the thoughts wander off to your last holiday on the beach. Now, you are actually wasting your and your friends time by not being present but nostalgically remembering your last holiday. It is no better than being on the phone or not there at all. Furthermore, if you think about it the thoughts about the beach will make you unhappy with where you are right now, as you wish to be there again. Therefore, it is not productive nor helpful in any way, shape or form. So meditation suggests you “turn up for your life”, from this moment on. The way you also frequently turn up for books, movies, meetings etc. We all shouldn’t be surprised the planet and society is in such a mess regarding everybody is a part-time sleepwalker. Furthermore, we could contribute in making the world a better place with using the positive effects of meditation. For example: living a more relaxed and happier life through less stress, a slower aging process, better work through more focus and a higher creativity and so much more.

Another fun fact:

The brain is a plastic organ which can change according to your use. With enough mind training you can stop the chatter box and regain the control over the minds functions. Rather than listening to the minds constant negativity and chattering about past and future, you could stay present (space of no time and space) in the now. Then, if you choose to use your mind it will be more focused and its functions will improve dramatically.

How does this sound to you?

I’d say it is worth a try :).

–> enough for today and therefore: (to be continued…)


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