How did I find out about Yoga?

…or how Yoga found out about me…

As I already told you I did a communication and self-knowledge course in 2012 called NLP (neurolinguistic programming), where we got task of reflecting on ourselves e.g. our values, goals in life etc. This was the first time I really started turning in and reflecting on myself. It was a great tool for me to do this and to be surrounded by people who were doing the same. For the first time I felt safe and able to turn it with our teacher guiding us.

Through NLP I found the tool of hypnosis, which is a type of trance talk that leads you into a state of trance, where you get in touch with your subconsciousness. There I found out  about the subconsciousness with its power and healing effects for the first time. I intuitively knew there was more to it and really enjoyed practising.

With getting to know hypnosis, I also encountered meditation. Although I thoroughly enjoyed hypnosis, I did not like the fact that somebody else leads you into it and then has the possibility of telling you “anything” he or she wants. This puts you in a vulnerable state and could also turn into a negative situation. Therefore, the idea of meditation (although I did not know much about it at that time) resonated more with me. At that time I had no idea of what mediation was and how it was supposed to work.

Somehow I intuitively also connected Meditation with Yoga (I do not know why or who told me about it). Having made this connection, I then had the brilliant idea of looking for a Yoga course. At this time a good friend of mine had started working at a company called “Sportunion Favoriten” in Vienna, which is an association that provides fitness courses including Yoga. One day, she invited me to a hiking trip with her colleagues from work, and I went. On the hike, I got into a conversation with her boss, who was the Yoga instructor and who I immediately felt a connection with. Therefore, I asked my friend, if she wanted to join me to a trial class of Yoga and she agreed to come.

I remember my first Yoga class very vividly.

It took place in the beginning of 2014, in the sports hall of a school building in the 10th district of Vienna (not the most fancy location possible). I felt a little funny being there the first time, as all other participants seemed to know each other pretty well. The yogis were mostly elderly women, who seemed to have retired and therefore Yoga is a priority in their life. It seemed like sometimes the clichés you hear are true. Anyhow, I did not really think much about it, as I was very occupied with myself during the practise. For me, all the poses (asanas) seemed very weird and I suddenly noticed parts of my body I had never encountered before. One of the most funny asana for me was downward facing dog (adho mukh svanasana), which I had heard about but never tried before. After approximately 30 seconds I felt tired and achy, ready to get out of the posture. I remember watching my friend wondering how she could manage to stay in the pose and still look so relaxed. Another asana I really disliked in the beginning of my practise was the forward bend (paschimottanasana). It was incredibly painful for me and I almost disguised it the first year of my practise. Then slowly I started to like it and now I even enjoy practising this pose. –> Sometimes the things that are most difficult for you in the beginning will be your favorites after a while (just think about my words). After my TTC it seemed like a totally new asana to me and I had to get used to it again.

Having read this description of my first Yoga class ever, you may think that I decided to leave the sports hall and never return to my mat again. Well, this was definitely not the case…

On the very first day of my practise, I fell in love with Yoga.

For me it is not simply excercise or stretching once a day but a holistic concept of life. After the first time on my mat, my life as a Yogini with all following hurdles and transformations began. It took me a while though to realize the full meaning and vastness behind the subject of Yoga. (I’ll write another blog entry regarding this topic.)

My friend never came back to any Yoga class with me. However, from there on I went to nearly every Yoga class, which was either once or twice a week. I remember telling my boyfriend at that time, how much I miss Yoga every day I couldn’t practise, being highly excited before each class and thoroughly happy and energized after every class. From there on my body and mind started going through several transformations. I started reflecting more on my feelings and listening to my body, became more flexible and aware of my body and so much more…

I simply felt amazing after every practise and deep within a part of me knew this was just the beginning of a journey.

(to be continued…)


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