About me – part 3 – Yoga Teacher Training in India

Anyhow, I didn’t stay home for very long as I wanted to join a Yoga Teacher Training before continuing my studies (that I had paused during my time in Peru).

I had longed to do a Yoga Teacher Training since my time in Vancouver, as my wish was to become a Yoga teacher in the future. However, I wasn’t sure where to do it as there are a hell of a lot of schools all over the world. I had looked into schools in Peru, Mexico, India, Thailand, Bali, Austria and so on. Furthermore, it was very hard to decide for a school with all these offers, as who couldn’t tell which school would be professional and trustworthy. I had heard some horrible stories about bad schools where friends had gotten ripped off. Therefore, I wanted to be rather cautious and follow my gut feeling (which I can always trust). Funnily enough, one day sitting at home in Vienna, I scrolled through my Instagram account (which I normally never do, as I am not a huge Instagram person) and found a post of my housemate in Vancouver that had been to a Yoga Teacher Training in India a month ago. This friend also rarely ever posts anything on social media! *Definitely the universe helping out again.* I intuitively knew this was the training I had to do as soon as possible. I checked the dates and found one for January starting on the 9th and finishing on the 3rd of February. They fitted perfectly well with my plans and so I applied online right away. They answered on the same day, I confirmed and booked my flight. That is how fast it can go, when you are certain to do something :D.

This again, as you can imagine, was a HUGE transformation for me. This TTC (teacher training) in North Goa (India) at Abhinam Yoga School was just amazing. The Yoga style is called Ashtanga (meaning eight limbs –> I will write a blog with an explanation soon) and is probably one of the physically most challenging ones. During the whole month we had 90 minutes Ashtanga practise starting at 6.15 in the morning with the warming up and meditation it took 3 hours until 9.15. The course normally ended around 8.30 in the evening, with breaks during the day, when it got too hot. However, I never felt tired of the Yoga practise rather my energy levels kept rising with every day passing by. I enjoyed every day with all its challenges and the learnings so much it is hard to put in words. By now you will probably not be too surprised anymore, that I did not want to go home after experiencing this amazing time there. I remember very vividly taking an “appointment” with our main Yoga teacher called Namito and telling him I wanted to stay here rather than going back. His response was: “Then just stay here.”. My immediate internal question at that time was: “Is it really that simple?”. Now, I can reply – it would be that simple, if we could just do what we want, rather than taking into account everybody elses opinions and thoughts. For example, what do my parents, grandparents, friends,  teachers/professors at university, boss, colleagues, siblings think and tell me. It it had been just for me (listening to my heart), I would have stayed in India right away. Nevertheless, I went into my mind and started a big discussion with myself (internally) and then with my closest people (externally)… (to be continued)


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