About me – part 2 – Yoga in Peru

The next big milestone on my inner journey was my trip to Peru.

My mum and my sister started planning a 3 week-long touristic trip to Peru in July 2016, back when I was still doing my exchange semester in Vancouver. First, I didn’t even want to join them because I thought about going back to Mexico or travelling somewhere else on my own. Anyhow, I was very indecisive and couldn’t wrap my head around planning anything till the end of April 2016. At that point my mum kept asking me to join her and my sister for the Peru trip. Therefore, I thought about it and said YES to tagging along.

Well, in the end it was me, who ended up staying in Peru until the beginning of November rather than taking my flight back home in July. I guess, it was destiny, the universe or whatever you want to call it that had its fingers in the game here. I just did not feel like leaving in July, so I decided to stay one more month. After that month I still didn’t feel like leaving… I ended up going back to Cusco, which was one stop of our route through Peru. Where I felt most drawn to. Also it is a beautiful little town in the mountains, with an elevation of 3.400 meters and an amazing energy. I ended up staying there in a Yoga hostel called “Healing House” for 2,5 months. I did Yoga every day, attended a Reiki course, worked in the magic shop, cooked with amazing people and had hour-long conversations about every possible topic around the kitchen table, did many meditations as well as ecstatic dances etc.. It was my first encounter with so-called “spirituality” and a very intense part of my inner journey. Furthermore, I discovered a new dimension of time and space. In “Cusco-time” a month would feel like one day or even an hour as well as an eternity. I would meet people for the first time but it felt like I had always known them. Another feeling I had in some meditations or while talking with people at Healing House was that space does not actually matter very much. This means regardless of where you are you will always be connected with the people who are your “soul-family or tribe”. Moreover, all people around the world are made from the same essence and are therefore looking for the same “things”, which is love, connection and compassion. Most important: “Home is, where your heart is!”. This means, that if you are at inner peace and connected to your essence, it does not matter where you are, you will be able to find peace and happiness anywhere and everywhere.

As you can already recognize, this time was very valuable for me. However, after these months rainy season started arriving in Cusco and I decided to move on. I went to Ecuador with a good friend of mine. We stayed there for one week but felt like being pulled back to Europe. Therefore, he went back to London and I to Vienna. It was important for me to go back, as it aided me to reset and reflect on all the impressions I had gathered over the past months. Right after coming back I went on a one week fasting retreat in Austria. Where we did not take any solid foods in but only drank juices. I had thought about doing this already for a while and felt like it was a good opportunity. This was in a nice and remote area where I could relax and turn in. Furthermore, it helped me to reset my body, which was a little “confused” and strained through all the travels. The elevation of Cusco is not very easy to adjust to neither. It was nice being home for the christmas season and celebration, which meant spending time with my family, buying presents and going to some christmas markets… (to be continued)


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